Contents of adventr

The package was written initially to support my own teaching on a module where I base the content around An Adventure in Statistics. One quirk of this is that there are some advanced tutorials on topics not covered in the book (but continue the themes of the book …). Another quirk is that - at present - there are some chapters that don’t have associated tutorials (for example, the Chapter on probability).

The tutorials are named to correspond (roughly) to the relevant chapter of the book. For example, adventr_03 would be a good tutorial to run alongside teaching related to chapter 3, and so on.

  • adventr_02: Data basics in and RStudio
  • adventr_03: Summarizing data (introducing ggplot2)
  • adventr_04: Fitting models (central tendency)
  • adventr_05: Presenting data (summarizing groups and more ggplot2)
  • adventr_08: Inferential statistics and robust estimation (covers Chapter 9 too)
  • adventr_11: Hypothesis testing
  • adventr_14: The general linear model
  • adventr_15: Comparing two means
  • adventr_15_rm: Comparing two means (repeated measures)
  • adventr_16: Comparing several means
  • adventr_16_rm: Comparing several means (repeated measures)
  • adventr_17: Factorial designs
  • adventr_mlm: Multilevel models (not covered in the book)
  • adventr_growth: Growth models (not covered in the book)
  • adventr_log: Logistic regression (not covered in the book)